Joint Degrees & Concentrations

The Power of a Great, Global University

University of Miami is a great research university, with top-ranked programs. Law students have the privilege of choosing among 20+ joint degree options to earn a dual degree with one of 11 outstanding UM schools and departments — or within the law school itself. 

A joint degree or concentration enables you to make an impact by:

  • Earning a second graduate degree in less time, and at a lower cost, than pursuing the degrees separately
  • Delving more deeply into a specific area of law via a concentration (similar to a major)
  • Fast-tracking your career and providing an edge when attorneys are contending for jobs in competitive areas 

List of Joint Degrees and Concentrations

Business, Corporate

Environment, Science, Maritime

Health Care

International, Comparative Law

Litigation, Dispute Resolution

Public Affairs, Communication

Real Estate Development

Social Justice, Public Interest

Sports, Arts, Entertainment

Tax and Estate Planning

Advice: What to Keep in Mind When Considering a Joint Degree

For students interested in completing a second program degree in addition to their J.D. degree, it is always a good idea to create a general plan and timeline for completing both degrees. The simplest way to think about a joint degree program is that admissions, degree requirements, tuition, and degree conferral are all separate. The only aspect that is joint, is the double-counting of some number of credits between the two programs. Questions to consider include: 

  • Is the GRE required for the second program?
  • Must joint degree study first start on the J.D. side?
  • If there is one, what is the application deadline for the second program?
  • Does the second program offer any scholarship possibilities?
  • Is an internship or capstone project required for the second program?
  • Are there any possible J.D. courses, externships, clinics, or other activities that might require special consideration from a course load and scheduling perspective?
  • Are there any additional J.D. course requirements which exist for some of joint degree programs?

For More Information

J.D./LL.M. Degrees

J.D./Master's Degrees
Contact Office of the Law Registrar, Associate Registrar Terrell E. West II, at or at 305-284-2685.

Questions from prospective law students not yet admitted to Miami Law should be addressed to J.D. Admissions

*Only for law students who were undergraduate business majors, unique triple degree programs allow three degrees to be obtained in just four years.