J.D. New Student Orientation

Orientation, Navigating the Future Together



To help ensure a smooth transition to law school, we will make several programs and resources available to students before the start of Orientation on Monday, August 15. First, to assist with your initial reading assignments, our Legal Communication and Research Skills (“LComm”) faculty will post two online modules in the 1L Orientation Course on Blackboard: “How to Read a Case” and “How to Brief a Case.” Our Academic Achievement Program will also be posting a series of videos designed to give you a head start on preparation for and performance in your law school classes.

You will gain access to the Orientation site on Blackboard in late July and additional helpful materials will continue to be posted on Blackboard in the weeks leading up to Orientation.

Throughout the week of August 8, the Student Technology Help Desk will host several virtual IT Office Hours which will address how to access our wireless network and configure your UM email to your devices.

Finally, about one week prior to Orientation, you will receive your section assignment, class schedule, booklist, and first reading assignments.

Orientation and First Day of Class

Our 1L Orientation program will take place from Monday, August 15 to Friday, August 19. The Orientation schedule is available here and is structured to allow time for you to get to know the campus and prepare for the start of classes.

Orientation will kick off on Monday, August 15 with our annual Welcome Plenary and Oath of Professionalism, featuring remarks by our Dean, SBA leadership, and distinguished alumni.

Additional Orientation programming will include Diversity in Leadership, Thriving as a 1L, Mindfulness and Wellbeing, Academic Integrity and Professional Identity Formation, Upper-Level Student Panels, and the HOPE Day of Service. 

Upper-level students will host optional, Dutch-treat (self-pay) dinners at local restaurants on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Orientation week. The sign-up sheet for these dinners will be located on the Orientation Blackboard page.  

On Wednesday, August 17, the 1L class will participate in HOPE Day of Service, brought to you by the HOPE Public Interest Resource Center. You will spend the morning connecting with peers and the community through environmental service projects. You will meet your upper-division site leaders on campus at 8:30 am and will carpool to sites across Miami-Dade County. You will meet great people while making a difference! Click here for more info.

The Fall semester will begin on Friday, August 19 with your first LComm class and the Law Library’s Access to Legal Information class.

HOPE Day of Service
Waiver and Release of Liability

I, the undersigned, desire to participate in the University of Miami (the “University”) School of Law’s HOPE Day of Service to be held on August 17, 2022. I represent that I am knowledgeable of the HOPE Day of Service and the inherent risks of personal injury or property damages to myself and to others, seen and unforeseen, which may be associated with the HOPE Day of Service. Notwithstanding these risks, I wish to assume them by participating in the HOPE Day of Service and in any travel associated with it.

1. I understand and agree that the University accepts no responsibility for my acts or the acts of others while I am participating in and traveling in connection with the HOPE Day of Service.

2. I further hereby authorize and grant the right to the University, its faculty, employees, representatives, agents, contractors, vendors, and volunteers designated by the University, to record my image, likeness, photograph, and voice by any technology or means, as they may wish (the “Images”). The University may copy, use, publish, display, and distribute the Images, with or without my name, for any lawful purpose, in any broadcast, print, or electronic media, including, but not limited to, distribution by newspaper, radio, television, magazine; distribution by means of streaming or other technologies via the Internet, or distribution of audio or video files (e.g. podcasts), as the University may, in its sole discretion, consider of benefit to the University or the public at large. I understand and agree that I will not receive compensation, now or in the future, in connection with the University’s exercise of the rights granted hereunder. I waive any right to inspect or approve the Images in these works.

3. In consideration of University of Miami offering this opportunity and allowing me to participate in the HOPE Day of Service, the receipt and sufficiency of said consideration being hereby acknowledged, I hereby do release, waive, discharge, and hold harmless the University, its officers, trustees, faculty, employees, representatives, agents, and volunteers designated by the University, from any and all liability or claim of liability, whether for personal injury, property damage, or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with my participation in the HOPE Day of Service and any travel associated with the HOPE Day of Service.

Connect with Us

Your future colleagues are connecting on the University of Miami School of Law Class of 2025 Facebook group as well as the Class of 2025 WhatsApp group. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to submit a request to join the group.  

If you have questions about Orientation, please email admissions@law.miami.edu.

If you experience an emergency or have a significant conflict preventing your attendance at any Orientation programming, please contact deanofstudents@law.miami.edu so we can support you.

We look forward to seeing you in August. In the meantime, we wish you a safe and enjoyable rest of the summer!

- Miami Law Orientation Committee