Online Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.)

Apply what you learn in class today at the office tomorrow.

Designed Specifically for Non-Lawyer Professionals

For those who work every day in legal compliance, risk management, and in and around the law or lawyers, the 30-credit MLS online program blends the flexibility of a part-time, asynchronous learning experience with the highest caliber of academics guided by expert, law faculty.

Unlike other degree programs which become useful only upon completion, with the online Masters of Legal Studies program you can apply what you learn in the classroom today at the office tomorrow.

Enhance Opportunities for Career Growth

Elevate expertise in your law-related job through the Master of Legal Studies online at the University of Miami School of Law.

Further your understanding of regulatory compliance and other legal aspects of highly regulated sectors to grow your career role or pursue advancement in healthcare, cybersecurity, privacy, HR, real estate, and finance.

Learn From Faculty Lawyer Experts

All M.L.S. online faculty have J.D. degrees and are experts in their fields who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest changes in the law and deal with the same issues you face every day in your industry.

They are rigorously trained to teach engaging law courses, developed with a design team trained in legal education, in an asynchronous, interactive environment.

Small classes allow for lasting professional relationships with faculty and abundant opportunities to engage with them both inside your virtual classroom and outside of it.


Become Part of the ‘U’ and the School of Law Community

Unlike other online M.L.S. programs, you are part of the University of Miami School of Law community and have access to a world of benefits—from a virtual student lounge with a social space to engage with your class peers to Dean’s virtual office hours to our global 23,000+ alumni network which opens a wealth of opportunities. During your studies, you are invited to law events at the ‘U’ and can join law affinity groups.

We also offer a spectrum of career services, such as a virtual staff of professional law advisors to position you for success and fuel your career growth.

Program Curriculum 

Core Courses to Apply Key Legal Concepts to Your Industry

The foundational “Core” courses in the Master of Legal Studies online program equip you to analyze and communicate about the laws and regulations that impact your industry. The Master of Legal Studies curriculum concludes with a Master’s Capstone course, performed under the guidance of a program faculty member.

Core courses include:

Foundations in U.S. Law and Regulation
Legal Research and Writing, and Analysis Skills
Corporate Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management

Learn More: Curriculum

Specialized Tracks to Customize Learning for Your Career

You can choose to take the general M.L.S. online degree program or select from five career-targeted tracks to tailor core legal studies to your industry. These specializations require 9-credit hours of courses in each discipline for completion. Students can choose from the following tracks:

Healthcare Law and Regulation

Law and Technology: Cybersecurity, Information Privacy, and AI

Employment Law and Human Resources Risk Management

Real Estate and Construction Law and Regulation

Financial Services and FinTech Regulation

The general M.L.S. online degree program


No standardized test required.

Quick Facts to Help You Decide

Consider these common questions students ask before enrolling:

  • What is an M.L.S. degree?

    An M.L.S. degree is a 30-credit, full master’s degree to cover the knowledge gap for people who require legal understanding but do not need to practice law.

    The program enhances professional understanding of the law to more effectively support a law-adjacent job role or industry.

  • Why is a master in legal studies worth it?

    This program will prepare you for many types of roles. It enables you to communicate legal concepts, conduct and do research in a way you could not before, fill knowledge gaps, and stay on top of ongoing changes in the legal landscape.

    If you are someone whose position requires legal or regulatory knowledge, this is the program for you.

  • What can I do with a master’s in legal studies?

    A legal master’s degree helps you stand apart from a world of bachelor’s degrees and qualify for higher-level roles or lateral moves in your field.

    Many careers in cybersecurity, finance, healthcare, human resources, real estate, and other types of businesses need individuals with the knowledge and ability to work effectively in roles that require legal knowledge and strong risk management skills.

    If this sounds like the professional outcome you are seeking, our MLS online program is a great next step for your education.

  • How can a Master of Legal Studies help me advance in my current career?

    Earning a legal master’s degree shows future and current employers that you are serious about your career and have the proficiencies to execute at a high level.

    If you want to reach supervisory, management, or executive-level positions that require knowledge of U.S. law, regulations, and risk management, this program is a great fit for you.

    Plus, with the specialized tracks, you can tailor your education to the industry that aligns with your career trajectory.

  • Can I practice law with the Master of Legal Studies?

    No, this is not a degree that will permit you to practice law or sit for a bar exam in any jurisdiction. (If you are interested in practicing law, please visit our J.D. program page.)

  • Do I need to take/submit the LSAT to apply for the Master of Legal Studies online program?

    No. There is no standardized test requirement. To be accepted into this MLS online program, you must hold a bachelor’s degree or international equivalent from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

  • Is the program only part-time and all online?

    The flexible, part-time program is exclusively online and predominantly asynchronous to accommodate students’ work, family, and other outside obligations.

    There is no on-campus requirement of any kind. Full-time study is also available.

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Apply What You Learn in Class Today at Work Tomorrow

The M.L.S. online program at the University of Miami School of Law helps you prepare for your career. If you are ready to enroll or still have questions about the Master of Legal Studies, contact us today.