Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M.

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Going back to law school in a foreign country – and in a foreign language – can be challenging. Miami Law’s Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M. Program will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your legal education and career in the field of international arbitration.

Who Should Consider This Study Option?

This three-semester program, recognized by llm-guide as one of the Top 10 programs in the world, is designed for foreign lawyers with excellent credentials who need or want to improve their English proficiency before immersing themselves into their International Arbitration LL.M. studies. Students in the Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M. study option may also apply to the J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree in International Arbitration in the second semester of their studies.

Yulianna Bukovskaya“The Intensive Legal English Program was very helpful for me, as a non-native English-speaking student. Due to the dedicated professors in the program, my English-language skills have become more advanced in writing, reading and speaking. If students are looking to improve their English-language skills and be prepared for their LL.M. studies, this program is for them. I finished my studies in the International Arbitration LL.M. in spring 2019 and will continue in the J.D./LL.M joint degree program to become a fully-qualified U.S. lawyer."

Yulianna Bukovskaya (Russia)
Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration J.D./LL.M. ‘20

Program Structure & Courses

The Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M. Program starts once a year, in the Spring (January) semester. During the first semester, students focus on achieving the English-language and communication skills necessary to be successful in the LL.M. program. Students take courses in:

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  • Introduction to Legal Communication and Writing

    This course, specifically designed for foreign students enrolled in the Intensive Legal English + LL.M. program, helps develop U.S. legal reasoning, writing, and communication skills.

    Students learn how to read and analyze U.S. law, write summaries of legal opinions and statutes, and prepare legal correspondence. Students also receive training in professionalism and other essential communication skills.

  • Introduction to Legal Research

    The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to U.S. legal research and to the sources of law. It focuses on the organization of legal information, the types of legal information, and how to find relevant information.

    Resources include electronic tools and some print sources, and students develop basic skills to understand what sources are appropriate for research, and what level of authority the sources have.

  • Oral Communication for LL.M.

    This course refines oral communication skills of international students in the Intensive Legal English + LL.M. program. Students practice debating, leading and participating in discussions related to the law, and preparing and delivering at least two formal presentations about cases.

    The course also focuses on role plays involving phone calls, interviews, mediation and negotiation

  • Reading and Writing for LL.M.

    The course integrates reading comprehension with grammar and writing skill-building activities and assignments. Furthermore, the course provides a variety of reading materials to both expand students’ knowledge of English language legal terminology as well as foundational concepts relevant to the U.S. legal system.

    Students are introduced to varied writing styles with an emphasis on persuasion, argument, and critical analysis, and they are provided opportunities to meet with their instructor and revise their written work.


After successful completion of their first semester, students will join the incoming International Arbitration LL.M. class in the following semester and proceed with the regular course of studies in the International Arbitration LL.M. without having to re-take an English proficiency test.

Full-time students may complete the Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M. Program in three semesters. Part-time options are available. During the second semester in the Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M. Program, interested student may apply to the J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree in International Arbitration.

All classes throughout the program are taught at the Law School, and students are fully integrated into the Miami Law community. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Law School’s academic networking and social events, including those specific to international arbitration.

Hector Fernandez"I am passionate about Law and I love Miami. So when deciding to go back to School, without hesitation I chose Miami Law, which has almost a century old tradition of excellence and it is renowned across the world. On the other hand, I practice International Arbitration and I knew that the IA LLM was ranked among the top LLM Programs for Alternative Dispute Resolution. My ultimate goal is to be able to practice Law in the US, continue to develop my career as an international arbitrator, and at the same time teach law as I did for years in Venezuela and Colombia. I am sure that this prestigious IA LLM can be a springboard to achieve these goals."

Hector Fernandez (Venezuela)
Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration J.D./LL.M. Candidate ‘22
Practicum Extern, Reed Smith, Miami, Florida

Ana Carolina Martins Santoro“I am rerouting in my career after almost twenty years as a litigation and advisory lawyer. Being an experienced lawyer with a focus on traditional ways of solving conflicts is not enough anymore in a globalized market. The Intensive Legal English + LL.M. went beyond my expectations and I could not be happier! It allowed me to become familiar with the American style of legal writing, research, and communication, and it provided me with an incredible opportunity to discover the American student life. On top of all that, I enjoyed the fantastic University of Miami campus.”

Ana Carolina Martins Santoro (Brazil)
Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M. ‘20
Associate, GST LLP, Miami, Florida

How to Apply

Applicants should follow the general application procedure for the International Arbitration LL.M. Program, selecting “Intensive Legal English + International Arbitration LL.M.” as the preferred study option in the application form.