Innovative Short, Compact Courses (1-2 Credits)

Miami Law brings national and international practitioners and scholars to teach unique, innovative short courses (1-2 weeks) in their fields of expertise.

As one of the only law schools in the U.S. to do this, students can select from multiple, short, innovative compressed courses each year.

In recent years, short courses have been or may be offered in the following areas:

Administrative Law

  • Mindfulness and Motivating Business Compliance with the Law, Scott Rogers and Robert Rosen

Cannabis, Food & Beverage

  • Craft Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis: Regulatory and Transactional Considerations for Industry and Investors, Jason Barker

Civil Rights

  • Disability Discrimination and Graduate Education, Susan Stefan
  • The Freedom of Information Act, Charlton Copeland  
  • Legal Advocacy and Same Sex Marriage, Joseph Tringali 
  • Disabilities Law, Susan Stefan

Consumer Protection

  • Evolution of Product Liability in the U.S., Francis Citera
  • Consumer Protection, Peter Halle

Criminal Law

  • Selected Problems in Criminal Law and Procedure, Susan Bandes
  • Introduction to Death Penalty Litigation, Edith Georgi
  • Comparative Criminal Justice, Michele Papa
  • Florida Post-Conviction Procedure, Judge Milton Hirsch

Entertainment Law

  • Indie Film and the Law, Breyuna Williams
  • Television Dealmaking in the 21st Century, Nicholas La Terza
  • The Art of the Deal: Acquiring a Music Publishing Catalog, Harold Flegelman
  • Music Law, Henry Root and Michael Olsen
  • Media & Entertainment Law in the Digital Age, Jose Sariego
  • Media Distribution, Ana Francois

Environmental Law & Maritime

  • Maritime and Coastal Legal and Policy Issues in Miami, Daniel Suman
  • Privacy, Terrorism and Drug Smuggling in the Maritime Domain, William Dwyer

Global Business Law

  • Complex International Negotiations, Jonathan Hamilton
  • International Investment Agreements
  • Investment Arbitration, Carolyn Lamm
  • Law & Power in the European Union
  • The Law and Practice of Soverign Debt Management
  • The Law of International Treaties

Health Care Law

  • Mental Health Law, Susan Stefan
  • Emotion and the Law, Susan Bandes

Human Rights Law

  • Human Rights and Environment, Daniel Magraw

IP-Intellectual Property Law / Technology 

  • Bioethics Mediation, Daniel Stern Serviansky
  • Blockchain Technology and Business Strategies, Tarek Sayed
  • Data Security and Incident Response, Robert Hern
  • Intellectual Property Transactions & Negotiations, Mansour Ghomeshi 
  • Vimeo, Twitter and YouTube: Online Liability and Net Neutrality, Michael Cheah 
  • Copyright and Trademark Litigation, Vivek Jayaram

International Arbitration

  • Basic Concepts in International Arbitration, Frank Vasquez
  • Advanced Topics in International Arbitration, Jonathan Hamilton
  • Forensics of Advocacy in International Arbitration, Daniel Gonzalez
  • ICSID Practice and Procedure, Meg Kinnear
  • International Arbitration and The European Union, George Bermann
  • International Arbitration in Latin America and the Caribbean, Jose Astigarraga
  • International Arbitration and the NY Convention, Albert Jan van den Berg
  • The Presentation of Evidence in International Arbitration
  • Transnational Litigation and European Arbitration with a European Nexus, Sandra Friedrich

Latin America

  • Comparative Company Law: U.S.-Latin America, Francisco Reyes-Villamizar
  • Entertainment Law in Latin America, Hernán Pantaleón
  • UNCITRAL Model Law: Fundamental Concepts and Impact on Latin America, Andres Jana

Law Firm Skills

  • Corporate Skills for New Lawyers, Kevin Doolan
  • Law Firm Management, Leo Staub 
  • Practical Skills for New Lawyers, Samantha Knights

Litigation Training

  • Best Practices in Pretrial Litigation in the Federal Courts, Hon. Eduardo Robreno
  • Introduction to Litigation, Christina Pereyra
  • Preparing the Corporate Client for Litigation, Arlene Zalayet
  • Judicial Writing, Judge Adalberto Jordan 
  • Negotiation Skills, Joseph Harbaugh
  • Lawyering and Ethics for the Business Attorney, Marc Steinberg
  • Multidistrict Litigation: Law, Practice and Strategy, Hon. David Proctor


  • Emerging Forms of Philanthropy and the Role of the Private Foundations in Effecting Social Change, Joshua Mintz

Outer Space Law

  • Space Law: Regulating and Incentivizing Private Commercial Activities in Outer Space, Matthew Schaefer

Religion and Law

  • Introduction to Jewish Law and the Talmud, Joshua Rosenblatt

Sports Law

  • Esports: The Business and Legal Evolution, Hal Biagas
  • Sports Betting and Regulation, Daniel Wallach
  • Negotiating and Drafting Sports Venue Agreements and Representing the Professional Athlete, Peter Carfagna
  • The Business of Sports: The View from the Front Office, Andrew Brandt
  • Cutting Edge Issues for Sports Law Practitioners in a Collectively Bargained World, Adam Schlatner 
  • Intercollegiate Athletics: Law, Policy and Regulatory Landscape, Marc Weinroth