LL.M. to J.D. Joint Program “Transfer” Option

foreign lawyers at UM Law

Why Get Your LL.M. and J.D. Degree?

Foreign-trained lawyers currently enrolled in one of our LL.M. Programs often inquire about applying the J.D. Program. Unlike other LL.M. programs, the number of foreign lawyers who stay on to graduate with a J.D. at Miami Law is very high for a few reasons: 

  • The LSAT is not required
  • Every year there is a significant number of foreign-trained J.D./LL.M. students, which creates a supportive group of international classmates.
  • International students are integrated in the Miami Law community.
  • There are unique job opportunities in South Florida for foreign-trained lawyers who understand different cultures and legal systems.
  • Earn 2 Degrees - Students will be awarded both the J.D. degree and the LL.M. degree upon completion of all graduation requirements.

If a current Miami Law foreign-trained LL.M. student has the long-term goal to practice law in the U.S., they should consider doing a joint LL.M. + J.D. program.

Indira Argenot(Pictured: Indira Argenot in the story, "Driven Foreign Lawyer Studies Legal English + LLM + JD = Bar Exam & Practice in USA" which tell how Argenot did not want to be limited to practicing federal law in Florida, Indira Agrenot decided after starting her LL.M. to transfer to Miami Law’s J.D. program, enabling her to take the Florida Bar Exam and “choose what area of law I want to specialize in.”)

Timing & Application Deadlines

Students should discuss their intention to apply to the J.D. program with their LL.M. program director early on in their LL.M. studies to make sure their course selection enables them to complete all graduation requirements effectively.

Fall start LL.M. Students

Deadline to apply to J.D.: May 1

Spring start LL.M. Students

Deadline to apply to J.D.: December 1

Summer start LL.M. Students
Deadline to apply to J.D.: April 15

Applications received after the deadline may not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  


The application process for the J.D. program is highly competitive and successful students will ordinarily have an exceptional record of achievement in the LL.M. program. This includes not only a very high GPA but also other factors such as difficulty of coursework.

Applications are considered case by case and there are no grade ranges within which LL.M. students are guaranteed admission into the J.D. program.

For more information, please connect with your LL.M. director or Associate Dean Katrin Schroll.

Application Process – Apply to the J.D. with no LSAT

Miami Law LL.M. students and graduates can apply to the J.D. Program without taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). LL.M. to J.D. students must submit the following materials for consideration by the admissions committee:

  • Completed Joint JD./LL.M. Application Form
  • Statement of purpose
  • U.S. style resume
  • Original LL.M. application file
    • LL.M. application
    • Transcripts
    • Photocopies of degrees received
    • Certification
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • TOEFL (if applicable)
    • LL.M. transcripts (if available)
    • LL.M. I-20/visa documentation (if applicable)
    • UM LL.M. transcript (request from Law Registrar’s Office)

A separate admissions committee will review applications and determine eligibility to enter the J.D. program. The admissions committee takes into consideration the nature of, and grade point average in, classes taken by the applicant while enrolled in the LL.M. program. 

Possibility to Transfer Credits

 Miami Law may award up to 29 Advanced Standing Credits towards the J.D. to students for their foreign law studies. The specific number of such credits will be determined at the time of admission to the J.D. based on a review of the applicant’s J.D. application file.


Before Applying to the J.D. Program – Contact your LL.M. director.

After Application Submission to the J.D. Program – Contact Associate Dean Katrin Schroll.