J.D./M.S. in Media Management

The University of Miami School of Law, in partnership with the School of Communication, offers a joint J.D./M.S. in Media Management and the Law.

Who should consider this Joint Degree?

This program is designed for J.D. students who have an interest in the regulatory and business side of the media industry. It includes a set of essential business courses (e.g., financial reporting and analysis, corporate strategy and organization, and foundations of marketing management, as well as an array of industry-specific courses (e.g., content strategy audience research and analysis; and current issues in media management). 

Snapshot:  Timing and Credits Saved

Begin taking graduate courses:

Second Year

Shortest Completion Time:

6 semesters + 2 summers

J.D. Credits required:


M.S. Credits required:


Number of Credits saved:

12 (6 J.D., 6 M.S.)

This joint degree program allows students to obtain both J.D. and M.S. degrees in 3 or 3 ½ years – less time than obtaining both degrees separately. The first year is spent in the Law School, and years two, three, and four (if needed) are spent taking both law and M.S. courses.

Courses and Credits

On the J.D. side, students must complete 82 credits in the Law School and 6 credits will be double-counted from the M.S. courses to complete the total of 88 credits. On the M.S. side, students must complete 26 credits in M.S. courses and 6 credits will be double-counted from the J.D. coursework to complete a total of 32 credits.  Students will be required to complete 108 credits for both degrees.

Juris Doctor (J.D.) Course Requirements

  • During the first year of the joint program, students will be required to attend the J.D. program full-time.
  • Students who begin in the J.D. program will be able to take courses in the M.S. in Media Management program beginning the fall of their 2L year
  • Students must complete all J.D. requirements as defined by their program.
  • Students may take summer law courses, which may reduce the length of the joint degree program by up to a semester.
  • Students may not take more than 16 credits/semester across both programs (17 credits/semester may be taken if they have a 3.0 law school G.P.A. or receive permission from the Vice Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Law.)

M.S. Media Management Course Requirements

  • Students must complete all requirements for this program
  • Students will be able to take courses at the Miami Herbert Business School and the Department of Journalism and Media Management. 

Law School Specific Course Requirements

  • Required:
    • Media Law
    • Administrative Law
  • Electives  (At least 9 credits from the following list):
    • Content-Focused (At least one course from the Content-Focused category; minimum of a 2-credit course):
      • Copyright Law
      • Trademark Law
      • Intellectual Property for Business Lawyers
      • First Amendment
      • Entertainment Law:  Motion Pictures and TV
      • Vimeo, Twitter, and YouTube:  Online Liability and Net Neutrality
      • The Free Speech Clause
      • Advanced Trademark
      • Entertainment Law in Latin America
      • Intellectual Property Transactions and Negotiations
      • Media Distribution
    • Corporate and Regulatory (At least one course from the Corporate and Regulatory category; minimum of a 2-credit course):
      • Latin American Contracts
      • Introduction to the Deal
      • Privacy Seminar
      • Law, Policy, and Technology
      • Federal Policymaking:  Legislation, Regulations, and Litigation
      • Data Security and Incident Response
      • Introduction to Business Practices and Drafting of Transaction Documents
      • Deal Skills:  Cross Border Finance Transactions
      • International Business Law Seminar
      • International Business Transactions
      • Conflict of Laws
      • Employment Law
      • Labor Law
      • Merger and Acquisitions
      • Corporate Compliance and Risk Management
      • Taxation of Business Entities
      • Antitrust
      • Corporate Tax
      • Business Associations
  • Media Management Requirements:
    • Accounting for Decision Making
    • Critical Thinking and Persuasion for Business
    • Valuation and Financial Decision Making
    • Law and Ethics in Journalism and Media Management
    • Current Issues in Media Management
    • Content Strategy in the Media Industry
    • Audience Research and Analysis
    • Statistics for Managerial Decision Making
    • Managing Through People
    • Corporate Strategy and Organization
    • Foundations of Marketing Management


To be admitted to this program, students must apply separately to both programs. Typically, students will begin the Law School and then start the master's program in their second year of Law School. However, it is possible for students in the M.S. in Media Management program to apply to the Law School, be accepted, and begin the joint degree program/first year of the J.D. the following year. (M.S. in Media Management students need to save at least 6 credits to be completed after they begin their J.D. program.)

Applications to the M.S. in Media Management will be submitted through CollegeNet. The GRE will not be required; the student’s LSAT score will be used instead. Once a student applies, the School of Communication will request the student’s Law School application from the Law School. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for J.D. courses will be paid to the Law School. Tuition for the M.S. program courses will be paid to the School of Communication. Law School scholarships may only be used toward tuition for Law School courses.

For More Information

J.D. Program
Terrell E. West II
Associate Registrar
Office of the Law Registrar
Phone: 305-284-2685
Email: twest@law.miami.edu

M.S. Program
Michel Dupagne
Professor and Director of the M.S. program
University of Miami School of Communication
Phone: 305-284-5350
Email: dupagnem@miami.edu