J.D./M.D. in Law and Medicine

The University of Miami School of Law in partnership with the University's Miller School of Medicine now offers a joint J.D./M.D. program in law and medicine.

Who Should Consider this Joint Degree?

The law curriculum is ideal for medical students/future physicians looking to:

  • Have a career in health sector law, leadership and policy
  • Understand the legal aspects of running a private/group medical practice
  • Prepare to become a high-level hospital executive or administrator

Snapshot: Timing, Credits Saved, Scholarships

Begin Taking Graduate Courses

Will complete Phase 1 of the Med Curriculum and three of the four Integrated Clerkships of Phase 2; J.D. begins in 3rd year of Med School.

Shortest Completion Time

4 years Med School and 4 semesters +2 summers Law School

J.D. Credits Required


Graduate PGM Credits Required

4 year Medical School Program

Number of Credits Saved

11 credits from Medical School count towards JD, including 5 credits for med-law courses

Masters Scholarships

Eligible for a Law School scholarship

Through this joint program, students can acquire a law degree and a medical degree in less time (6 years) while studying at a top law school and a top medical school. Accepted students will complete Phase 1 of the Med Curriculum as well as three of the four Integrated Clerkships of Phase 2 (4 terms) in the M.D. program. Following these first four terms, years three and four are then focused on the J.D. degree with the final two years spent completing the M.D. degree and the final J.D. credits.  Click here for credit, tuition and graduation specifics. 


To be admitted to this program, students must be admitted to the Miller School of Medicine M.D. program and be in good standing. Students apply to the Law School during the fall of their 2nd year of the M.D. Program and are encouraged to take the LSAT during the summer after Year 1 of Medical School, and no later than December of their second year of Medical School. The LSAT is offered four times annually: February, June, October and December.

Law School Course Requirements: (Click here for course descriptions)


Students in the joint J.D./M.D. program must complete the following required health law courses:

  • Administrative Law 
  • Health Law and Policy

Joint degree student will be assigned an advisor who will offer recommendations on other law courses as well as law courses which are co-listed in the Miller School of Medicine. These courses may include selections from the following:

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution 
  • Bio-Medical Ethics 
  • Business Associations 
  • Children and Youth Law Workshop 
  • Elder Law 
  • Family Law 
  • Federal Income Tax 
  • Finance and Regulation of Health Care
  • Health Care and the Constitution 
  • Health Law Policy and Practice Practicum 
  • Insurance Law and Policy
  • Mental Health Law
  • New Directions in Lawyering 
  • Professional Liability and Malpractice
  • Scientific Evidence: In Theory and In Court 

J.D./M.D. students must have any modifications to their course curriculum approved by the joint program advisor.

See Sample Plan of Study
Full course descriptions
Credit, tuition and graduation specifics

For More Information

J.D. Program
Terrell E. West II
Associate Registrar
Office of the Law Registrar
Email: twest@law.miami.edu

M.D. Program
Amar Deshpande, MD
Professor of Medicine, Associate Dean for Medical Education/Administration
Miller School of Medicine
Phone: 305-243-4898
Email: adeshpande@med.miami.edu