International Students: Scholarships & Aid

The University of Miami School of Law is dedicated to helping international students meet their educational expenses through loans, grants, and scholarships. In addition to scholarships from home country sources, international students have the opportunity to be considered for the following sources of funding:

Dean's Merit Scholarships: The University of Miami School of Law awards partial scholarships each year to entering LL.M. students with excellent academic records and other outstanding qualifications for the post-graduate study of law. Dean's Scholarships are available to LL.M. students and are awarded separately at the time of admission to an LL.M. program. No separate application is required for the Dean's Scholarships; all admitted students are automatically considered for them.

Privately Funded Awards: The law school also has the ability to offer awards that are privately funded by our alumni and others to help with financial support for foreign graduate students. Awards are based on merit, need, and other factors. Some awards are designated for specific LL.M. programs as indicated below:

  • International Arbitration Institute Scholarship
  • Young ICCA Scholarship
  • White & Case/Carolyn B. Lamm Scholarship
  • Cobb Family Fellowship: The Cobb Fellowship was created by Charles E. Cobb, Jr., former Ambassador to Iceland and a member of the University's Board of Trustees. The Scholarship provides a living stipend for a graduate of the University of Iceland to study at the University of Miami for one year.
  • The Benitez Scholarship: The Rafael Benitez Scholarship Fund provides provides assistance to foreign lawyers pursuing their international and foreign LL.M. degrees at Miami Law. Established by family and friends of the late Professor Rafael C. Benitez, this scholarship commemorates his vision for global education and his deep commitment to the education of foreign law students. At Miami Law, Professor Benitez founded the Comparative Law LL.M. program (now the International Law LL.M.), and the Lawyer of the Americas (now known as the Inter-American Law Review).

Half and Partial Scholarships: There are also a multitude of opportunities to receive half or partial scholarships through one of our various organizations and foreign law school partnerships.

Research Assistant Program: LL.M. students can be selected to serve as Research Assistants to international faculty during the academic year. This position requires a commitment of 10 hours per week. To be considered for a Research Assistant position at the School of Law, please complete a Research Assistant Request Form and submit it with an application to the International Graduate Law Program office. Miami Law encourages students to apply early if they wish to be considered for a research assistant position.

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  • Additional Scholarship Options

    For assistance in locating sponsoring organizations contact the United States Embassy or Consulate or the United States Information Agency in your country. Foreign (international) students who wish to explore private alternative loan options may click here for further information. Prodigy Finance offers Loans for International Students. In addition, Miami Law’s Office of International Graduate Law Programs will work with applicants to explore a range of options for financing studies and personal expenses.

    Fulbright Scholars: The University of Miami welcomes Fulbright Scholars from around the world. The scholarship provides a stipend and a significant contribution toward tuition and fees.

    Organization of American States Scholarships: The Organization of American States (OAS) Program complements those funds which the scholarship recipient may already be receiving from other sources or assist the recipient with general costs to make the completion of her/his studies feasible.

    Muskie Scholars: The Muskie Foundation Scholarships were established by the Edmund S. Muskie Foundation. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students entering the LL.M. program. The scholarship is applied toward tuition and fees.

    LASPAU scholarships: LASPAU: Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas is a nonprofit organization whose fundamental mission is to enable individuals from Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve their full potential through higher education.

  • Applying for Federal Aid

    Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents may apply for federal student aid funds through The University of Miami Office of Student Account Services. University policy requires foreign students to demonstrate ability to pay their expenses. Foreign students should be aware that education in the United States is expensive, and are therefore encouraged to seek financial assistance and/or scholarship funds from home country sources. Some international students may have their expenses covered through agencies in their homeland. Employers will occasionally provide tuition reimbursement for the study of law.

    Loans: Most American law students apply for federally subsidized loans to finance their studies. U.S. citizens and permanent residents, or international students who have a guarantor who is a citizen or permanent resident, may be eligible for private alternative loans.

    Payment Plan: Tuition is due at the beginning of each semester for which one is enrolled. However, UM offers a payment plan that allows students to divide all or part of annual educational expenses into nine convenient monthly payments. For more information please visit Student Account Services.

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