J.D./M.S.Ed. in Community and Social Change

The University of Miami offers a joint J.D./M.S.Ed. program allowing students to earn a J.D. and an M.S.Ed.-Master of Science in Education in Community and Social Change in 3 to 3.5 years.

Who Should Consider this Joint Degree?

This joint degree is ideal for J.D. students with an interest in public interest law. The combined degrees provide globally aware leaders:

  • An additional set of knowledge and skills in community organizations
  • Background in the essentials of research methodologies in social and behavioral sciences
  • Increase in leadership skill strength based on both theory and practice
  • The skills to create, inspire and engage community organizations to foster well-being in diverse community settings

Snapshot: Timing & Credits Saved

Begin Taking Graduate Courses

2nd year

Shortest Completion Time

6 semesters + 2 summers

J.D. Credits Required


Graduate PGM Credits Required


Number of Credits Saved

15 (6 J.D., 9 M.S.Ed.)

This joint degree program allows 9 J.D. credits to be applied to the M.S.Ed. degree and 6 M.A. credits to be applied to the J.D. degree, saving the student 15 credits between the two programs. Students must complete all J.D. requirements and all M.S.Ed. requirements as defined by their programs. Students may take summer law courses which may reduce the length of the joint degree program by up to a semester.

Hands-On Practicum

Also, participants in the joint J.D. /M.S.Ed. program will be required to complete a 3-credit practicum which includes 120 hours in a C&SC placement supported with biweekly class meetings and a final paper/project. Marni Lennon, Assistant Dean, Public Interest and Pro Bono, provides guidance regarding externship opportunities for students in this joint degree program.

Click here to see a J.D./M.S.Ed Sample Program Schedule 

M.S.Ed. Requirements

  • The M.S. Ed. has a set of four core courses focused on theory and skill building, another two courses focused on research and program evaluation, and a 3-credit practicum.
  • There are 9-credits of electives allowing the student to focus on an area of interest including public health, public administration, business administration, and, with this joint program, law.
  • The M.S.Ed students will complete 21 credits in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies. Additionally, 9 law school credits will be applied toward their M.S.Ed. degree, for a total of 30 required M.S.Ed. credits.

J.D. Requirements

  • During their first year of the joint program, students are required to attend the J.D. program full-time.
  • Students may not take more than 16 credits/semester; 17 credits/semester may be taken with permission from the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Law.
  • J.D. students complete 82 credits in the School of Law. Additionally, 6 credits from the Department of Education and Psychological Studies program are applied to their Law School transcript, for a total of 88 required J.D. credits.
  • Students are able to take courses in Community and Social Change beginning in the fall of their 2L year.
  • Three Law School courses totaling a minimum of nine credits


  • ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • ADR Design System Workshop
  • Children and Youth Law Clinic
  • Domestic Violence
  • Election Law
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Environmental Law
  • Family Law
  • Health and Elder Law Clinic
  • Human Rights Clinic
  • International Human Rights
  • Immigration Clinic
  • Immigration Law
  • Labor Law
  • Law and Medicine
  • Law and Social Justice
  • Mindfulness and Professional Responsibility
  • Mediation
  • Race and Class in American Public Education: Access, Equity, and Reform
  • Substantive Criminal Law
  • State and Local Government
  • Taxation of Non-Profits
  • Tenants' Rights Clinic


Students are admitted to the Law School J.D. program and the Community and Social Change masters program separately. The Program in Community and Social Change will accept a limited number of joint degree students. Admitted students and current 1L students supply a personal statement attached to an email indicating they are applying to the joint degree program in Community and Social Change. It should be sent to: Terrell E. West II, Assistant Registrar, School of Law. (See contact information below.)

  • Prospective Law Students are admitted to the Law School first, checking a box on their application indicating their interest in the joint degree program. Once accepted to the Law School, the student’s law school application including LSAT score, undergraduate transcript, and letters of recommendation (two of them required for the J.D. program) will be sent to the School of Education and Human Development for admissions consideration. The student will then hear from the School of Education and Human Development regarding his/her admission to the joint degree program.
  • 1Ls are also able to apply to the program by completing a School of Education and Human Development application.
  • An LSAT score may be submitted in lieu of the GRE.

For More Information

J.D. Program
Terrell E. West II
Associate Registrar
Office of the Law Registrar
Phone: 305-284-2685
Email: twest@law.miami.edu

M.S.Ed. Program
Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky

School of Education and Human Development
Phone: 305-284-8851
Email: isaacp@miami.edu